Real-World Products In Resume Writing Explained

Do you spend perpetual hours 7 days answering ads and not becoming any closer to this interviews you want? Has to be your resume possessing lost on the inside excellent cyberspace void? Do you surprise the reasons why you are certainly not getting any responses with the promotions? Wonder, not any longer. This will walk you through a three-part strategy that will help fully understand and help to increase your reaction rate for advertised positions-both on- and off-line.

First off, write the resume to your position. Consequently when your position involves certain skills modify your resume to cover attention to a know-how about those skills. If it’s filing succeed, place all a filing focus on that resume or things with data file work. This is so that all on your own one page resume it can be remarked that you can do that types of succeed. This means your resume will not exactly the same from each position applying meant for.

Rule – Resume Keyword Optimisation

When you consult with a specialized resume writing company, be prepared with the internet, because of past positions to significant achievements, you would like contained in a resume and employment cover letter. Some writer and other particular person discusses these aspects along in addition to, just after days to weeks, yields a page. Customers may not be content with your documents when, in addition to reputable resume writing solutions offer rewrites and edits.

An effective resume will answer people questions that has a minimal degree of efforts and, much like any useful marketing tool, it would likewise give the reader curious a lot more. You want to allow them to have good facts to prompt them inside action. That’s when they pick-up these devices together with call you for a particular interview!

Catalogs make catching up on current trends with the career market better. Application writing can change progressively. The text and phrases that companies desired as soon as you ended up with your last definitely isn’t just like what together with phrases that employers try to look for now. A quick review of your novel or even two, however, will have more application to reflect current employer desires.

Excellent Ideas For Online Work For College Students

The potentiality of New Zealand for world-class education has recently become discovered since education and learning system for the English-speaking nation will require that British system. So, kids from other English-speaking countries just might discover the curriculum with the best universities in New Zealand many to easy to overcome. Renowned for its fascinating outdoor locations, and awe-inspiring landscapes, the country with buzzing cafes, clubs and restaurants has produced its mark in the market of knowledge also. As stated along with the Ministry of Education, New Zealand, the important spots that draw your eye associated with global students include Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

So what website is teaching myself tips to start my student’s, personal business while doing work from home on the internet? I’ll let you know it’s Wealthy Affiliate. I have mastered considerably about working at home online and May possibly actually made money whereas undergoing it. Here are the reasons it is the best member site for working at home on the internet students, because we are all young people. best dissertation writing service

Cheating Boyfriend Test: Easy Processes to Test If Your Boyfriend Is usually Cheating

You know by now that society features trained and is still training us all to behave inside certain expected norms. Of course there are rebels who do everything to go against these best practice rules. Some people even take this anti social behaviour to extreme conditions. But by and large people find it difficult to swim against the current. These kinds of norms sometimes provide convenient answers and ways away when there might otherwise not really be an easy solution. An illustration of this this is the funeral. There is generally in most cultures an agreed method to follow when someone is disapated and everyone knows how to deal with this most difficult time in a person? s life. This event can be even more difficult if the culture? s i9000 norms were not there to guide them.

The male is never the confident and ever before ready mating machine that the media would have us imagine. The human male is often a sensitive and shy animal regardless of some indications to the opposite. He dreads asking out a prospective date because he fears rejection. Rejection can be, no matter what they say, a huge hit to a male? s ego. For this reason, among others, he chooses that the girl he asks out must be that one and later love of his lifestyle. He does not want to manage the possibility of rejection again therefore he looks for the perfect girl and seldom dates. This is of course a vicious group, because he then raises the two his standards and targets of getting the perfect girl which usually increases the pressure which means that he has to get it right the first time and that increases the stress and so forth.

When a man of dating age decides to get a mate, and this can vary based on his biological development, his own ambitions and the traditions he lives in, there are measures he can take to find a ideal partner. He can go to a party, disco, or a bar and so forth In many social circles the process of finding a partner can be important to the acceptance of the partner by his peers. A pick up in a bar could possibly be looked down on by a lot of elements of society. The girl may be seen as easy. (whatever that is) In spite of the fact that in many cases bars may be the only social contact these people probably have.

As things advance they may decide to meet up with. However, there is now a new development in the online dating scene. That is the incorporation of video webinar into the dating site. This allows member to upload a brief video of themselves within their member? s profile. This gives the other members a much better idea of what they are like and avoids disappointment.

If they are interested in making connection with the member who has contacted them they can answer the communication and take it further. This way a person can see if the prospective date is very suitable for dating. If a affiliate is too persistent and you need to, you can block communication as a result member. Some people can? t take a hint. But this can be rarely necessary.

Society has in this case provided the answer. It is now acceptable to locate a partner on the internet. This really is done using dating sites. Online dating services as it has come to be noted is an inspired concept. The man or woman can sign up anonymously for membership rights at a dating internet site and discreetly advertise all their availability. When another call sees their profile on the dating site, they can, nonetheless anonymously, contact them. All members can browse and search the dating web page for prospective partners without other people knowing that they are looking. When they find a suitable member account they can initiate contact.

He may meet ladies through certain sporting activities usually as a spectator or group recreational activities like hill taking walks, bird watching or nighttime classes in some hobby. However, the common factor in all of the over is that this lonely male is expected to do the looking and asking. Why? Well this is a good question which justifies a longer answer than I will give it here. The brief answer is that society features decided that is how it should be.

Parents do not usually discuss matching rituals with their children. Although daughters do often request their mothers how their particular parents met the answer is not at all times honest and when it is it is far from always accurate. So in today? s changing contemporary society, how does a man ask out his prospective date without taking too much of a chance? Just how for that matter can a woman question out a prospective date without being seen in a negative light by society and maybe however, object of her estime?

If the member does not like the profile of the person who is considering them they can reject the contact proposal at any time. This rejection is a lot easier to take because it is anonymous. A rejection offered face to face is much worse as the person who rejected you features met you and is rejecting you not just your account.

If perhaps things are taking too long for your liking, try a dating site. Online dating is the way to do that today. No major denials and a huge selection of available times on a searchable database. Might be better?

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Online dating services Websites: A Review Of The Advantages And Costs Of The Web page

Do people really want to hang on to their damaged heart? I think maybe consequently; when there are so many ways to get over one, it seems like hanging on into a broken heart is only by choice; if you want to let go, you have to let go.

Can you remember initially this happened to you? I will: I can still feel the soreness, the loss, the terrible being alone… And I don’t know about you, although I don’t deal very well with rejection (probably for what reason I never went into revenue, LOL! ) – as well as the idea of having to start over, with someone new, who you may not possess even met yet… Are you able to spell “MELTDOWN”?
But it doesn’t always have to be that way: if you can glance at the loss from a different point of view; if you can see it, not as an ending, but as a new beginning; if you can seize the opportunity it symbolizes to start a new chapter inside your life, it can be a whole different experience.

And one of the best ways to get a fresh perspective on any life situation — especially 1 as emotionally-charged and personally traumatic as a relationship ending — is to talk to an objective outside observer; someone who can easily see things that you can’t since it’s too close, as well raw, too painful for one to deal with objectively.

An empathic advisor can give you objective advice, since they’re not influenced by judgments about you, your previous relationships, or any of the emotional baggage that prevents you from seeing things plainly right now. Frankly, they’re greater to talk to even than the persons in our lives who take pleasure in us the most, because people (friends, family, co-workers) will be attached to us, or placed on the other person in the relationship that just ended, or have various other kind of emotional “investment” in this relationship.
A love email can give you the “big picture” perspective: they can help you understand that your life is not defined with a single relationship, by a single unhappy ending, or even “one true love. ” They can support open your mind to the opportunities that wait for you in case you open yourself to seeing your daily life as a complex tapestry of experiences that help to shape your destiny…

What can you perform if the love of your life tells you that he or she doesn’t ever want to see you again? We’ve probably most been there at some point in our activities: having the one we like the most tell us that they just don’t feel the same way tentang kami any more, or, if they actually, that they just don’t want to stay in a romantic relationship around for whatever reason.

For lots of all of us, talking to a spiritual specialist, an emotional intuitive, a “love psychic”, if you can, provides the key to unlocking that new beginning when a relationship ends. In fact, I’m assured that speaking with an understanding yet objective intuitive advisor is the single BEST way to get your life back on track after an emotional upheaval such as this.
Why do I say that? Because almost everybody in this situation will feel that life as they are aware of it has ended when a romantic relationship ceases this way, and that can close your brain to the powerful lessons which can be almost always contained in the “failure” of your relationship — lessons that, if you learn them, will help you make the next relationship much better, that much stronger, much longer-lasting.

You do have power to let go of your damaged heart and move on with your life, and if you’re ready, you can start RIGHT NOW!

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Relationship Advice – The Way to Always keep Revenue Issues From Eliminating Your Personal Connection

Earnings problems is usually an induce factor with regard to couples’ quarrels. Along with some other common reasons behind fights, money issues have concluded countless relationships. Couples discuss excitedly relating to children, societal ideas and home matters, although under no circumstances do they converse within the excited manner in relation to revenue. After all, money talk is rarely intimate; even so, it is going to become glaringly totally apparent that money could potentially cause massive difficulties for people. It may make or separate great relationships.

Real love is the place you happen to works with a person on a mental, mental, physical, and emotional level and also you are really serious about and like the instructions along with schedule that a marriage and good relationship produces ahead for the nutritious, happy, and ample life — including your journey of revenue.

Provided that each partner work towards creating and developing in locations where they should be doing more powerfully, they’ve got good chances in performing exercises with particular dissimilarities and searching out about problems, including funds issues.

The Place Where Indeed The condition Rest?
Money challenges can easily occur through several problem areas:
The Best Way to Continue to Keep Money Issues from Messing Up Your Own Connection
Before you actually get into virtually any romantic relationship, you have to encourage yourself first. You should build yourself completely. If you are a integrally developed man or women, it is possible to actively choose a partner who gives precisely the same pursuits, sights plus various other concerns.
Individuals need money to live on. Sometimes, you will discover people who want an abundant lifestyle. Often you simply decide on somebody who will be internally and externally suitable for you actually. He or she must be somebody who shares precisely the same appreciation about money.
Generally, many people have their list of weaknesses and strengths. Often, they’re enthusiastic about people who showcase advantages in areas where they may be weak.


Process of produce Her Consider Pleasure — Why It is advisable to Think About Her More Than You think about You

A minimal sex drive can cause several challenges in your life. If you are in a relationship, a lot of stress might develop owing to the loss of interest in sex. If you happen to become single, a poor sex drive may seriously hinder your chances of finding a partner, and this can make you unhappy. You may also begin to loose self-confidence and self-esteem. However, the good news is that there are ways to increase your sex drive. Here are a few ideas to help you boost your sex drive.

You are free to publish this information without any change in the content in electronic format, in print, in your e-book, or perhaps on your web site, free of charge, so long as the author resource details will be included.

Exercise is a great way to control anxiety. It releases hormones within you that directly reduce your tension levels, and a more calm you is more likely to think about sex. Also, exercise tones your muscles and helps you burn fat. The two factors cause physiological and hormonal changes that will straight boost your libido.
Apart from work out, some form of meditation and even Yoga can help you control your tension levels and revive your sexual capacity. People who meditate and practice the art of imbibing mental equilibrium and equanimity are able to control their concerns better. This frees the mind to think sexually again.

Exploring Erotica
Even if you are not exhausted beyond measure, simply possessing a packed schedule can leave your mind little opportunity to enjoy sexy thoughts. To withstand this challenge, several sex health experts recommend that you read erotic fiction and even enjoy pictures and movies that change you on. This may move a great way in helping you increase your sex drive.
Losing Weight
There is a direct connection between obesity and a low sex drive. The insulin resistance and high cholesterol associated with excess weight can hinder the flow of blood to your sexual organs. Similar happens when your tiny arteries are partially blocked simply by fat deposits. In men, poor blood flow causes impotence or erectile dysfunction, and in women poor vaginal lubrication and impeded states of arousal. Whenever your sexual performance dips, so did your confidence and interest in sex. Nevertheless, if you can lose weight with the mix of a healthy diet and regular exercise, you are going to almost immediately notice a marked improvement in your sex drive and performance.

Controlling Stress
When you are over-stressed, over-worked or simply exhausted most of the time, you will leave no area in your mind for sex. And rest assured, if you are not thinking about it, you will not be interested in doing it either. So, the first thing to do to increase your sex drive is to do something to control your levels of tension.

Improving Your Body Image
Body image is actually a big factor for a healthy sex life, especially for women. The emphasis that the media and our entire modern lifestyle puts on a thin and sexy figure can make women extremely self conscious. And the fact is that after you are preoccupied with your navel, hips or upper thighs, you cannot enjoy the moment, a crucial need to have a healthy intimate relationships. Rather, you are likely to feel uncommon pressurized and ultimately lose your sex drive. You need to make outlook and begin to believe inside your sensuality. For all you know, you may have a partner who is more willing to look beyond your imperfections than you are.
At the end of the day, it is most important that you approach these ideas efficiently and with confidence to increase the sex drive and improve your relationship.

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Saiba como trabalhar na sua casa e se tornar um afiliado ricos

Se você pudesse poupar poucas horas por semana, o visitante poderia saber a trabalhar em casa e se tornar uma afiliada rica. Você estacionaestaficafixa jazepararpermanecequeda preocupado com a crise do crédito e está procurando uma maneira do investir pelo futuro?

Eu também tinha sido enganado por conseguir ricos esquemas rápidos e tentou um programa por trabalho do entrada por dados que era inútil. Quaisquer meses atrás, eu estava procurando uma maneira por trabalhar na sua casa e obter dinheiro on-line e eu li sobre um lugar chamado. Eles tinham bastante a proporcionar e então decidi me juntar. Eu tentei tantas coisas no passado, incluindo criar pesquisas em linha, que eram muito chatas, demoradas e pagas demasiado pouco. Eu li muitas avaliações e todos tiveram coisas positivas a dizer a respeito de o Affiliate ricos. Seu site parecia muito profissional e foi uma reforma refrescante dos anúncios habituais que eu costumava ver na internet. Eu estava começando a pensar que meu sonho de funcionar em casa e fazer data room vedada utlilização de reprodutor dinheiro online era impossível até um por dia eu ler sobre a Universidade do afiliados ricos e decidi investigar muito mais.

Existem também lições e tutoriais para completar no Centro de Aprendizagem. Cada semana você recebe uma lição e tarefas para completar para guiá-lo passo a passo e dar-lhe uma base sólida no marketing na internet. Pelo passado, quando comprei 1 e-book de que deveria ensinar-me a labutar em casa e ganhar valor online, uma vez que você fez sua adquire, é isso. Antes de tudo, comecei o Plano de Proceder de oito semanas. Wealthy Affiliate é especialmente uma comunidade de internet marketing em linha que treina membros em todos os aspectos do marketing na internet. Mas com o Wealthy Affiliate há sempre outros membros para ajudá-lo, então você nunca permanecequeda preso usando um erro por muito tempo. Eles também oferecem uma aula de mentoring. Se o visitante tiver dúvidas ou problemas, basta atravessar com você sozinho. Encontrei este fórum para ser uma das maiores vantagens em se juntar à Wealthy Affiliate.

Eles têm todas as ferramentas e recursos de que você precisa para se tornar 1 comerciante do internet usando sucesso. A lista continua e continua. Uma vez que você se juntar, você nunca terá que comprar outro e-book ou se deixar enganar por esquemas rápidos e rápidos. Você também igualmente similarmente identicamente conjuntamente mostra estes métodos de pagamento por clique e como configurar uma campanha do AdWords bem-sucedida. Várias das principais características do Wealthy Affiliate incluem site Rubix Website Builder, Free Web Hosting, Keyword Research Tools, Clickbank Research Tool, Competition Spy Tool, Turnkey Feeder Sites, Website Templates, Rapid Writer-Content Generator / SEO Optimizer, Website Development Training, A Zona do Compartilhamento, a Ferramenta do Contexto e Análise por Links, Listas de Palavras-Chave, Acesso ao Sistema de Trabalhos da WA, Seu Próprio Espaço e Blog da WA. O visitante é ensinado que você não precisa ter dinheiro para ganhar dinheiro e é comprovado todos estes métodos gratuitos que o visitante pode usar.

Porém se o visitante tem um desejo ardente de ser seu próprio chefe e trabalhar em casa, então você é este tipo do pessoa de que se beneficiará de se tornar um membro e aprender a se tornar uma afiliada rica. Se você foi uma pessoa impaciente que não está preparada para trabalhar duro, então talvez seja melhor tentar um produto diferente. Contudo primeiro mesmo que avisado, se você é novo no marketing na internet, o visitante deve estar preparado para trabalhar duro e levar seu tempo para atravessar por uma curva por aprendizado demasiado grande.

Suggest suited to Living With an Opposite Love-making Roommate

Adult novelties are becoming very popular at sex today or just about everywhere your desires take you. Adult novelties are gadgets, or better yet adult adult sex toys that enhance the love making process with your partner or exclusively when you need to unwind. There is such a large selection of adult novelties on the market today; each has its own purpose pertaining to fulfilling your ultimate needs. Adult novelties or sextoys, aid in helping to keep sex imaginable. With adult sextoys you can act out any lusty fantasy that you might have in mind.

There are many more adult novelties you can find in an adult adult toy store. For instance: how about fetish? The use of blindfolds, cuffs, jewelry could enhance your love making. Strap-ons are popular amongst lovers of both sexes.

Adult novelties can be found in a “brick and mortar” store or on-line. Most people shopping for adult novelties or adult adult toys find that shopping on-line is somewhat more private and discreet. No-one has to know what you’re getting with an on-line adult sex toy store. They are sent to your house in plain wrapping with no indication of the contents, not even your mailman will be aware of what’s in the box! And so do fun choosing the sex toy to fit you perfectly and enjoy.

Included in adult novelties is the wearing of alluring costumes. You can dress up in anything from a French maid to a school girl or a construction worker to a doctor, whatever you fantasy goes sexy costumes could be the answer. Also included in this list will be aphrodisiacs. They come in the form of oils, creams and lotions.
Practicing safe sex couldn’t be more pleasing. Condoms have come a long way in the world today. They now come in all kinds of tastes, sizes, colors and smoothness.

There are plenty of categories of adult novelties or adult sex toys available today. Probably the most popular categories with big selections is the vibrator. The vibrator can be used alone or perhaps with your partner. In fact this kind of sex toy has become the “in” doll for couples. There are bunny vibrators, bullets, dildos pertaining to the female and cock jewelry, penis pumps, penis extensions to get the male.

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Aspects To Meet Customer counterpart To Date

You finally land a date which has a hot chick that you’re interested in, and you show up at the garage door with flowers and snack. You’re thinking, “Good job, Tiger! ” Well, while you may be telling yourself which usually, the woman on the receiving end is thinking something altogether differently.

In the book example, do a little research on the writer. Find out what types of books the author writes. Maybe check out a lot of editorial reviews that you can “borrow” to make it appear you are aware of what you are talking about. And it will show your meeting that you went out of your process to look up and research her interests.

Where did you meet her? At a coffee shop? During a book store? At the supermarket? Bringing something of framework to her will demonstrate to that you not only are heedful, but are proactive about this.

Try something different. Think about every single conversation that you have had with her. If you were hearing, she probably told you will more than enough about herself to give you a clue on her preferences.

In her mind, if you get into an issue just because she is interested in it, that will show her you can express similar enthusiasm after down the road. And if she commences picturing the near future with you during it, that’ll do so considerably for the current date that you’re going on.

And before you show up for your date, have an issue about the gift in mind you want to talk about. Don’t think that her heart and affection can be yours upon receiving any gift. You have to know WHY you will be giving it to her, and be able to articulate it too.

Flowers and candy were once thought to be “romantic” or a “gentlemanly gesture. ” That was also inside the days of Leave this to Beaver. Times get changed, women have improved. Things that worked previously, just don’t work now. They don’t carry any virtue, and in fact, they truly may hurt you. Without a doubt why.

If you bumped into the girl’s at a book store, do you remember which section you were in? What she was first reading? Pick up a reserve of the same author and topic for her. You can’t just imagine how many brownie points which will earn you.

What you thought is such a sweet gesture onto your part, just told in excess of you are taking on a date an awfully different thing. To the woman’s, flowers and candy depict a wimpy token from appreciation in hopes of accepting her attention in exchange. They are really unoriginal, lack creativity, and tend to be just plain cheesy. You can find a fake smile back, and maybe a hug should you be lucky, but they will together lack sincerity. Strike ONE!

In fact, not only will that they lack sincerity, but you may even lose any respect coming from her that you were wanting to establish. Any ordinary fellow can pick up flowers, and that means you have to do something to set your self apart from those other males.

Trust me, you will see more enthusiasm on her end, which will make for an engaging date for the the both of you. And you know what that means… Usually another date very soon. Browse

Tips on how to Write an A Newspaper About Anything

Have you ever study a great essay or account and wondered how you may write something like that as well?

Writing- The next step is to actually make time for a few hours to write your cardstock.

Keep reading, some of the best authors in the world follow a simple 3 measure formula.

If you know little or no about your subject next search the internet for more information and jot down what comes up.

There’s a very powerful approach if used will make your paper flow smoothly together with make it 10 times more advanced than if you hadn’t used the idea: a “tie-in sentence”. Use it at the beginning of a body sentence; it goes something like the following, “so in other words the apple company company on its own” and also “what this means is the apple”.

So think of your thesis and then construct your body paragraphs around that so that each paragraphs elements back to support your thesis. The conclusion should wrap up your system and thesis into a.

Brainstorming- This is the very first and most important action to take when wanting to generate a great paper and a substantial step most people overlook. Please take a sheet of paper and write down at the top what a subject is.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, purchase a word in your essay which might be re-occurring and visit in that case type that word into find a synonym to replace it with.

Then directory below it as many options you can think of which have about that subject. So such as if my subject ended up being about “apples”, I’d list things like “tree, soil, vegetables and vitamins”. This would then lead me to probably start my paper out of with how an apple company starts off as a seed and once implanted in the soil becomes a tree and eventually oatmeal are produced.

Editing- The BEST section about writing a report! Pretty simple, this means re-reading your paper out loud in addition to checking for odd or run-on sentences, inaccuracies, punctuational and grammatical errors. You will also be deleting or attaching words as necessary.

This task is always more complicated when you haven’t started the idea, however usually if you’ve brainstormed a subject thoroughly this task goes pretty quickly. A cardstock generally needs three things: a thesis, a entire body and a conclusion.

Or perhaps you’re getting your essays returned to you with an incredible amount of corrections and a lower grade you think you need?

Don’t go overboard, although this is usually a great way to impress a teacher or reader with your knowledge of big words.Comply with those three easy steps above and you’ll easily increase but not just the quality of your paper, your grade on it as well.
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Receita de Lembas

Receita escrita por Helen “Elfa” Sousa, que mesmo fora do país é membro sempre presente na Toca!

Gostaria de advertir que na época que fiz essas lembas, eu não estava com a mentalidade que estou hoje. Não me sinto confortável em indicar uma receita com ingredientes de origem animal, pois não quero incentivar o consumo dos mesmos. Então tentarei o mais rápido possível fazer umas lembas veganas para passar a receita a vocês. Existem algumas se googlarmos, porém não gosto de passar receita que não testei empiricamente. No entanto, deixarei entre parênteses os substitutos de origem vegetal, e garanto que a receita ficará igual ou mais gostosa se você tentar!

As Lembas que fiz para o Encontrão da Toca Bahia de 2013, com a Ajuda de Fernanda Teles, foi feita assim:


  • 3 ovos
  • 1 xícara de mel
  • Raspas de casca de laranja
  • 1 xícara de amêndoa (pode ser castanha ou nozes também, ou um pouco de tudo)
  • 4 colheres de sopa de manteiga derretida
  • 2 xícaras de farinha de trigo com fermento
  • 1 xícara de aveia (se não quiser, pode colocar mais uma xícara de farinha de trigo no lugar)
  • Folhas do seu agrado para embrulhar as lembinhas, e barbante ou fitinhas para amarras as folhinhas.


Ovo: cada ovo pode ser substituído por 1 colher de sopa de semente de chia ou de linhaça. Para cada colher de sopa de semente, 3 colheres de sopa de água. você pode bater no liquidificador, ou então deixar descansando 20 minutos e dar uma mexida, vai ficar tipo um gelzinho (é uma opção legal para deixar as lembas com uma cara melhor, devido as sementinhas inteiras).

Mel: melado de cana (é até mais barato!), óleo de coco ou geleia de sua preferência. mesma quantidade!

Manteiga: azeite, óleos ou margarina. mesma quantidade.


  1. Coloque a trilha sonora das cenas élficas para tocar.
  2. Ligue o forno em fogo médio, para que esteja pré aquecido quando chegar a hora de colocar as Lembas.
  3. Bata as amêndos. Se seu liquidificador aguentar, use-o. Bata as amêndoas até que estejam pedacinhos pequenos.  Amêndoas são duras, cuidado para não quebrar seu liquidificador! Se forem castanhas ou nozes, será mais fácil. Eu usei apenas amêndoas. Para quebrá-las, usei um pilão, como uma boa baiana. Ficaram pedacinhos maiores e menores, mas assim é bom! Advertência: cansa.
  4. Raspe a casca de laranja. Pode colocar muito mesmo, porque o gosto some se colocar um pouquinho. Vá sem medo, se aplique na casca de laranja. Acabei usando casca de 3 laranjas. Faz um suquinho depois e bebe! Importante que sejam raspas e não pedaços, pois como vai ao forno, se os pedaços da casca estiverem grandes, vai queimar e ficar com gosto ruim.
  5. Mexa os ovos: Em uma xícara ou potinho, coloque os ovos. Misture com um garfo até ficar homogêneo, amarelo clarinho (se forem as sementes, não precisa fazer nada, além do já citado).
  6. Misture os ingredientes secos:  Em um recipiente, coloque todos os ingredientes “secos”, ou seja, a farinha de trigo e aveia, as amêndoas e as raspas de laranja e mexa até misturar tudo. Faça um buraco no meio e adicione os ovos (ou substituto), o mel (ou substituto) e a manteiga (ou substituto). Misture tudo até ficar uma massa que lembra massa de pão. Ela tem que ficar descolando do recipiente, apesar de ainda um pouco pegajosa.  Se tiver muito pegajoso, adicione mais um pouco de farinha e mexa até dar o ponto.


  1. Abra a massa: O próximo passo é achar uma superfície limpa, colocar um pouco de farinha nela, e “abrir” a massa. Amasse a massa com um rolo ou com as mãos até ficar com um dedo de altura. Com uma faca grande e afiada (peixeira), corte em quadradinhos de 4X4 dedos. Repita até acabar a massa.
  2. Toque final: Faça com a faca uma pressão  transversal de uma ponta a outra do quadrado, para formar uma “dobrinha”.
  3. Coloque para assar: Coloque em uma bandeja forrada com papel manteiga, ou untada, com afastamento de 2 dedos entre eles.  Coloque no forno e eu não sei quanto tempo leva. Forno é um bichinho muito genioso, que varia muito de casa para casa. Tente colocar as lembas para assar não muito perto do fogo, porque se não vai assar mais em baixo que em cima. Deixe uns 20 a 25 minutos, e abra para ver. Faça o teste do palito ou ponta de faca: enfia em uma das lembas, se quando tirar estiver “sequinho”, está bom. É melhor cozinhar mais do que menos, antes crocante do que crua, né? Vai no bom senso e no olhômetro.



Enquanto estiver assando, prepare as folhas que você vai embalar as lembas. Se você for comer no mesmo dia, em pouco tempo, pode usar folhas de couve. Se for demorar, não use, porque fica com gosto ruim, e murcha, é horrível.  Eu usei papel de guardanapo verde escuros que encontrei em loja de festa, pois só iria servir as lembas na noite do dia seguinte. Quando estiver pronta, tire do forno e deixe esfriando. Então embale as lembinhas. Com o guardanapo nós abrimos a folhinha, colocamos as lembas no centro, fechamos as pontas como se fosse um envelopinho e amarramos com uma fitinha, parecendo um pacotinho de presente.


Pronto! vocês tem seu pão élfico, que uma mordida apenas pode saciar um homem adulto. 😀